#129 –Elena Balasa - Lessons Learned from Communism

Welcome to the #ShareYourHotness Podcast episode 129!

Elena was born and raised in Craiova, Romania. The first generation of college graduates in the family.

Married to her college sweetheart (Bogdan) and a mother of a smart and beautiful human (Aileen). She's living a fantastic life with so many things to be thankful for.

She LOVE the outdoors, gardening, cooking, and watercolor painting. She also enjoys to mentor, robotics, and helping people in need.

#128 –Brad Barton - Got Grit?

Welcome to the #ShareYourHotness Podcast episode 128!

Are you facing some demanding challenges? Does your load sometimes feel a bit too heavy? Ever wondered if your chance has passed you by?

Enjoy inspiring stories, laugh-out-loud, and be empowered to build your resilience muscles. Perhaps the best part of your life is right in front of you.

Brad Barton is an employee engagement expert. He shares his innovative solutions from the stage, the training room, and in his consulting practice. For two decades he has helped organizations create peak engagement, record setting cultures.

Brad is an author, an executive coach, and a middle-distance Masters world-record breaking athlete. Oh, and Brad is the only person in history over 50-years-old to the run a Mile faster than 4 minutes, 20 seconds.

Brad can be reached at, [email protected]

#127 –Jorguin Arciniegas - A Conversation About Trajectory & Faith

Welcome to the #ShareYourHotness Podcast episode 127!

Jorguin is a 36-year-old man who has had a nice, busy, happy, and special life, thanks to GOD. He works as an architect who works every day on the best of projects, his "HOME".

He was born and raised in Colombia to start a life here in the USA in 2022 with his wife and daughter, who is his life's little propósito.

When Jorguin was 6 years old, he had an accident when he fell from the second floor of an empty space and fell next to a concrete block, from which thanks to God he came out very well with 2 surgeries that saved the bones and the stability of his left arm, which received all my weight in the fall.

All these results in God saving him from that fall a purpose, which Jorguin believes is "... to give total happiness to his family and to be a good leader for his home".

You may find him at

email address: [email protected]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jorguin.arqciniegas/

#126 –Tracy Peart - Love, Life, Death, Overcoming Adversity, Perspective, Heaven, Faith and Forgiveness. Embracing the Winding Way Forward.

Welcome to the #ShareYourHotness Podcast episode 126!

Blessed with a loving, happy marriage to her best friend Sean of twenty years and a proud mother of four. Tracy's story unfolds from the heart, born out of the seismic loss of her husband, Sean, who was killed in a tragic car accident in 2011. His death and loss plunged her into the abyss of profound grief and sorrow. The ensuing challenges seemed relentless as they lost their home, business and filed for bankruptcy. Amid grief's roller coaster, Tracy hit rock bottom, feeling shattered and overwhelmed.

Then, at a pivotal moment in October 2013, during what seemed like a routine surgical procedure, Tracy transcended the confines of the physical world. This extraordinary experience took her to the gates of heaven, where she reunited with her departed loved ones—immersed in boundless love and pure bliss. She received divine messages, wisdom, and insights that forever altered the course of her life—providing hope when it seemed hopeless. Lessons learned, from sorrow to transformative encounter with the afterlife.

In Tracy's new book "A Date with Destiny". A true story and an intimate exploration that challenges conventional beliefs about life and death. Through her lens, she invite you to reevaluate the essence of our existence, offering peace, solace, clarity, and a transformative understanding of death as a powerful catalyst. Unlock the promises of heaven and dimensions beyond earthly comprehension.

Explore the intricate tapestry of life and death, challenging the idea that death is the final chapter. Instead, it's a potent transition—a metamorphic journey. How to move forward courageously, a transformative journey of self-discovery, overcoming fears, and radical self-love. It is a testament to the indomitable human spirit, exploring life's profound question: "What happens when we die?" Through her experiences, she offer hope and challenge you to open your mind about what these experiences can teach us. Rather than fearing death, it becomes a poignant reminder to live fully and embrace the richness of life.

Tracy navigated a path from pain to healing, shedding anger and frustration. Hope, happiness, laughter, and joy became her guiding light in transformation. She's an Amazon Best-Selling Author, recipient of the Book Excellence Award, and 2022 Bronze medal winner for the Grief Guidebook. Join us as we navigate life's twists and turns together, finding courage, resilience, and joy while embracing the winding way forward.

#125 –Mele Makanesi Camacho - Connectivity of Love and Finding Heart-shaped Rocks

Welcome to the #ShareYourHotness Podcast episode 125!

What is shared in this podcast relates most to perspective. A lot of our abilities to face life and its hardships have to do with the way we see this life through our perspective.

Mele's ability to see God in the details of my life has helped her find hearts on the daily, solidify her connection, faith and trust in God.

Mele loves making meaningful connections with others. She believes to truly understand someone, you must learn their story. What makes them tick? What challenges have they overcome? What brings them their greatest joy?

Her favorite things in life are: family, friends, food, volleyball and dancing.

#124 –Kat Keddington | When Faith Is All You Have

Welcome to the #ShareYourHotness Podcast episode 124!

Meet Kat Keddington who despite her growing up years of living in poverty and being surrounded by severely dysfunctional parents was able to breed a life filled with success. Her faith has brought her success in having a beautiful family of her own now and a very successful business.

#124 –Stacie Harris - A Conversation About Welfare to Wonderful

Stacie Harris

A Communications and Sales Technology Scholar, A Weber State University Woman of the Year A Body Language Expert Charity Founder for Single Moms A Financial Servant, and A Devoted Single Mother of three amazing children

Stacie is a fun-lov’n momma who finds joy in helping others grow to their potential. She believes in people. Why? Because people believed in her when she did not believe in herself.

Stacie inspires and empowers the single mother community through the I Can. I Am. Foundation. She educates and inspires them with skills to succeed emotionally and financially.

Let’s welcome a woman who inspires you to “Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable, and have fun doing it!”

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#123 –Ari Coleman - Perspectives on Love: Martin Buber and Relation

Ari Coleman

is principally a husband to Heidi and a father to Zoë. He teaches high school mathematics and is an adjunct professor of philosophy at BYU. His research interests include philosophies of language, mind, and religion, number theory, and music. Ari enjoys hiking, playing euphonium, and dancing with his daughter while singing "Once Upon A Dream."

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#122 –#ShareYourHotness Missed Me?

The #ShareYourHotness relaunch episode.

#121 –A conversation with Dallin Brimhall

Leta and Dallin Brimhall shared their admiration for makeup artist Tara Starling and discussed the benefits of men using makeup. They also explored their beliefs about spirituality, religion, and the afterlife, emphasizing the importance of personal accountability and the role of systems and structures in guiding personal growth. They shared their experiences with religion and personal identity, discussed the importance of love and kindness, and explored Dallin's work on an integrative, affirmational mindfulness system.

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Leta Greene