#119 –Mike Rayburn - A Conversation About Marriage

6 months ago

Mike Rayburn is a Hall of Fame Speaker and Two-time TED Talk Presenter who inspires a new mindset and real solutions for organizations that want to elevate, innovate, and transform. Rayburn’s solutions are bold, effective, and proven. The true inspiration, though lies in the experience Rayburn creates. He uses world-class guitar (Carnegie Hall headliner) and humor (Las Vegas headliner) to create a transformational program unlike any in the world, generating real results and conference ROI. In addition to his writing and musical endeavors, Mike is an avid weightlifter, cyclist, hiker, paddleboarder, and kayaker. He travels the world with his wife, Kimberly, when not at home or holding “What IF Weekend” retreats at their home in Reno/Tahoe, NV. To know more about Mike, visit mikerayburn.com.

Mike is married to Kimberly Faith Rayburn, who is a sought-after breathwork practitioner, a speaker on the power and necessity of “play,” ), and a co-facilitator with Mike in their “What IF Weekend” events and “Virtuoso Underground” community.

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