#113 –A Conversation with Raquel Goncalves Lubbers

8 months ago

Episode Notes

Raquel is an ADHD mom of four ADHD kids and the wife of an ADHD husband. Her family's late diagnosis sparked an intense hyperfocus on learning the neuroscience behind ADHD's strengths and challenges. As a lifetime lover of learning, she devoured countless books, podcasts, courses, webinars, and YouTube videos and completed the internationally accredited ADD Coaching Academy program to equip herself with the knowledge and skills to help herself, her family, and others facing similar challenges. She wants to help others harness their strengths in such a way that their weaknesses are supported and outshined, transforming their relationship with their ADHD. She has a passionate desire to help everyone, but has a soft spot for families, especially the gifted and late diagnosed. She personally understands how a healthy and happy family dynamic is core to everything else we set out to accomplish in life. Supporting other ADHDers on their journey of learning to love their brain, unlock their ADHD superpowers, and reinvent their HERO stories is her mission. When she's not doing all things ADHD, she loves to travel, dancing, hiking, photography, acting, live music, foreign languages, psychology, humanitarian work, and through everything, her faith in God keeps her grounded.

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