#115 –A Conversation with Virginia Heiner

7 months ago

Episode Notes

I am Virginia Heiner, I was born and raised in Utah. I was adopted at birth. I met my now husband in High School but it is important to note that we were not high school sweethearts. We hung out in the same crowd and went on 1 date in which I asked him and his mom responded for him. It's a funny story but essentially he was a stalker and very persistent, clearly he won as we have been married for 18 years and counting and have 4 amazing kids. We currently reside in Holladay, UT in the home my Mother-in-Law grew up in. Among being a Mom, Wife and all the other titles we gather as we grow through life. I work as an English/American Sign Language Interpreter in our community serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Hearing community. Bridging language and cultural barriers. I enjoy cooking, but not cleaning up afterwards to remedy that I came up with a great system. Rule my home is if you cooked dinner you don't have to clean up afterwards. Win for me! I enjoy naps, spending time with my family and friends. I am an extrovert through and through. If you meet me, I consider you a friend and you are stuck with me. I strongly believe that we are ultimately responsible for ourselves, owning my errors and even our own trauma and healing, I strongly believe in helping others whenever possible. And that we should always show kindness and love to others. Showing up daily with compassion and empathy towards our fellow humans that are growing in this life is the ultimate task and isn't always easy to do.

Leta Greene