#128 –Brad Barton - Got Grit?

1 month ago

Welcome to the #ShareYourHotness Podcast episode 128!

Are you facing some demanding challenges? Does your load sometimes feel a bit too heavy? Ever wondered if your chance has passed you by?

Enjoy inspiring stories, laugh-out-loud, and be empowered to build your resilience muscles. Perhaps the best part of your life is right in front of you.

Brad Barton is an employee engagement expert. He shares his innovative solutions from the stage, the training room, and in his consulting practice. For two decades he has helped organizations create peak engagement, record setting cultures.

Brad is an author, an executive coach, and a middle-distance Masters world-record breaking athlete. Oh, and Brad is the only person in history over 50-years-old to the run a Mile faster than 4 minutes, 20 seconds.

Brad can be reached at, [email protected]

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