#133 –Melanie Rangel - Overcoming Childhood and the Death of Her Baby

9 days ago

Welcome to the #ShareYourHotness Podcast episode 133!

Hi guys my name is Melanie Rangel I have been married for 20 years this year. My husband and I have 5 wonderful healthy children (1 boy (19) 4 girls (15, 11, 4, & 5 months) and we also had another baby girl who is our angel who would've been (17 years old).

On top of being a full time mother and wife I am also a full time student up at the U of U, earning my bachelors degree in social work.

My passion in life is to one day help grieving mothers in the maternity ward who just received devastating news that their baby most likely will be stillborn or won’t survive. I want to be a mothers support system during her toughest moments in life. My passion is to prepare these mothers on what to expect and to also encourage them to spend as much time with their baby as they can handle.

As a young mother, I had endured my lost at the young age of 18. During our hospital stay, my husband and I were so numb we didn’t know what we should do such as taking photos of our baby girl, bathe her, to even be able to have that choice to bring her back to hospital room until I felt ready to let her go. We had no guidance whatsoever, yes we were surrounded by family but then again we still felt so alone.

I am also very passionate to advocate on mental illness and to help young adolescents on their journey through their toughest years.

I had watched my oldest suffer through his personal struggles with severe PTSD from being attacked by two pit bulls at the age of 6 years old. During his early to late teens I had watched him suffer from suicide ideation tremendously. It was so hard to watch from the sidelines.

Aside from that I personally know what it felt like to not have a single friend and practically felt unworthy and unloved from my parents. I felt so alone since I was a little girl but still somehow gained resilience growing up.

As a young mother at 16 years old I was very lucky enough to have found my husband at the young age of 15 but due to my upbringing and unhealed trauma I suffered a lot with mental illness for the past 17 years. I am now learning how to heal from my past trauma.

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