#120 –Regan J. McFadzean - A Conversation About Confidence in Your Dreams

5 months ago

Regan J. McFadzean is a faithful and inspired young woman. At twenty years old, Regan has performed as a dancer, singer, and actor for sixteen years. Her creative spirit has always been her drive for everything that she does, including writing books (that are not yet published), starting her own YouTube channel, and studying fashion. All of her ambitions make her who she is and she is not ashamed of that. “When your ambition is greater than your fear, your life will get bigger than your dream,” says Farshad Asl.

Regan plays in the Utah Pipe Band with her husband, Malcolm, as a tenor drummer in her free time. She also loves to travel, learn new languages, and spend time with her service dog in training, Sirius Black.

“I would like to thank my brother and parents for always making me laugh and never giving up on me. Without you guys, and the help of my Savior, Jesus Christ, I would not be here having this amazing experience. And to my wonderful husband, thank you for pushing me to achieve my dreams and being there right by my side. I love you, sweetheart! ”

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