#125 –Mele Makanesi Camacho - Connectivity of Love and Finding Heart-shaped Rocks

2 months ago

Welcome to the #ShareYourHotness Podcast episode 125!

What is shared in this podcast relates most to perspective. A lot of our abilities to face life and its hardships have to do with the way we see this life through our perspective.

Mele's ability to see God in the details of my life has helped her find hearts on the daily, solidify her connection, faith and trust in God.

Mele loves making meaningful connections with others. She believes to truly understand someone, you must learn their story. What makes them tick? What challenges have they overcome? What brings them their greatest joy?

Her favorite things in life are: family, friends, food, volleyball and dancing. 

Find out more at https://the-syh-podcast.pinecast.co

Leta Greene