#131 –Suzette Heater - A Conversation about Recovery: Overcoming Abuse & Addiction

23 days ago

Welcome to the #ShareYourHotness Podcast episode 131!

Suzette is a certified REDI4Wholeness Mentor. She has studied many wholeness modalities over the years, and she is the founder of Mentor Emotions.

She shares Christian faith based mentoring concepts and coping skills that promote Resolution for Subpersonality Parts, States, and the Trauma Timeline through emotional awareness, self-regulation and overcoming trauma by being a Conscious Creator.

She has learned mostly through life experiences how to overcome dissociative disorders, a ten-year emotional delay, and how to manage A.D.D.

Suzette started her healing journey about 30 years ago. She has studied Wholeness concepts, Subpersonality Part Work, Shadow work, and spiritual integration work. Suzette advocates for self-regulation to become a conscious creator to overcome the trauma timeline, and addictions including the addiction to hopelessness. She understands from personal experience Subpersonality Parts and the roles that they play.

Suzette now specializes in shadow work, spiritual fragmentation, and spiritual integration through conscious creation. She likes to simplify complicated Body Mind and Soul Concepts. In her work, she uses many metaphors and comparisons because imagery bypasses conscious levels of the mind and concepts can go deeper to reach greater subconscious parts of the mind.

Suzette is an author of the novel -- The TimeLine: The Springtime of Life; Where Integration Begins https://www.amazon.com/TimeLine-Where-Integration-Begins/dp/0578901161

and of the mentoring Workbooks:

  • Mentor Emotions: The Joy Bucket
  • Mentor Emotions: The Universe Metaphor
  • Mentor Emotions: The Seven Sacred Boundaries


Listeners could also order a Universe Mobile by emailing [email protected].

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