#116 –A Conversation with Bonnie Roberts

7 months ago

Episode Notes

Bonnie is an IFS (Internal Family Systems, or parts work) life coach. She helps women who feel trapped in their relationships as wives or mothers to discover healing and joy through connecting deeply with themselves. Known as the "Self-Talk Sherpa," Bonnie is passionate about self-talk because it's the HOW behind self-knowledge, self-love, and self-leadership, the three pillars she teaches about. She loves being a soccer mom of four awesome kids. She went through a divorce five years ago after feeling trapped in a disconnected marriage and has since figured out who she is. She nerds out about Jungian psychology, Shadow work, and Archetypes. Bonnie is a poetry enthusiast, having memorized 122+ poems and loves reciting them. She plays HARD--always looking for the next adventure! She loves hiking, dancing, Pickleball, and traveling.

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